Welcome to PKSA Karate Fort Mohave

If you are looking for a school that is committed to teaching traditional martial arts while improving concentration, self-discipline, respect, leadership skills, focus, self-confidence, and physical fitness, then look no further than PKSA Karate Fort Mohave

We invite you to browse around to learn more about the benefits of martial arts training.  Be sure to explore the links on the right to find out more information regarding our school.  You can find out information about our organization, PKSA Karate, by going to the links located on the top ribbon. 

Discover how you and/or your child can achieve all you are looking for while being part of the fastest growing organization anywhere.

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Children's Classes

Give your child an edge by enrolling them in our children's programs.  These programs teach gross motor skills, fine motor skills, listening positions, discipline, and many other life skills while having fun in a nurturing environment.

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Adult & Teen Classes

A more disciplined approach to traditional karate.  These classes will make you cutting edge and prepare you for any attack while getting you in great shape.  

Fitness & Self Defense

Would you like to get into shape, lose weight and learn how to protect yourself & your family? PKSA offers classes that will help you achieve one or all.   Choose the class that is right for you.

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