Reflex Testing Registration

Registration for Reflex testing.  Enter information for student below.  Rank selected should be student's current Reflex rank.


IF REGISTERING MORE THAN ONE REFLEX STUDENT: (Add one student to cart at a time)

  • Enter information for the first student below and click "Add to Cart". 
  • Once in the cart, click "Continue shopping".
  • Select "Reflex Testing Registration" again from the PKSA Corporate Registration page. 
  • Enter the second student's information.  Repeat for any additional students.

USD $50.00


I hereby agree to attend, or, if applicable, agree that I am legal guardian of the registrant and give my permission for him/her to attend, this Reflex testing event. For myself, or as legal guardian of the registrant, I hereby hold harmless, release and forever discharge Reflex, PKSA Karate, and its instructors, members, agents, employees and authorized representatives from any liability, claim, loss, including but not limited to personal injury or expense incurred by me or the registrant and arising from my, or the registrant’s participation in this Reflex testing event, whether or not caused by the negligence of Reflex, PKSA Karate, its instructors, members, agents, employees or authorized representatives. I, for myself, or on behalf of the registrant, specifically understand and agree I am assuming the risk of any and all injuries that I or the registrant may suffer or incur as a result of participation in this Reflex testing event.