PKSA Karate Novi

Earn a black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do from a leading Martial Arts organization. Sign up for our introductory special - Two classes & Uniform for only $30.

Our Programs are for EVERYONE!

No matter what age or fitness level you are, we have a program for you.

Check Out our Class Schedule


Saturday, December 2nd - Teen/Adult Seminar

Monday, December 4th - Belt Promotion (6:00 - W/Y/O, 7:15 - G/R)

Friday, December 15th - Parent's Night Out/Christmas Party (6-9pm, $20/person)

Monday, December 25th - Monday, January 1st - Dojang Closed, Merry Christmas!!


Monday, January 8th - Nerf Wars Party (6:00-8:00pm), NO CLASSES - FREE EVENT

Sunday, January 14th - Arnis Weapons Seminar with Master Kirsten (2:00 - 4:30pm), $25/person

Friday, January 26th - Movie Night at Dojang - Lego Ninjago (6-8pm, $10/person)


Monday, February 5th - Belt Testing (5:30 - W/Y, 6:00 - YSt/Oranges, 6:30 - Greens, 7:15 Reds)

Tuesday, February 6th - NO CLASSES

Saturday, February 10th - Angry Birds Party (6:00-8:00pm, $10/person)

Monday, February 26th - Belt Promotion (6:00 W/Y/O, 7:15 G/R)

Meet Our Owners / Instructors

PKSA Novi Instructor Team

Master Petty
4th Degree Black Belt

Sean Petty
3rd Degree Black Belt

Kelly Shaver
3rd Degree Black Belt

Brittany Shaver
2nd Degree Black Belt