Our Masters are all internationally certified and are held at the highest of standards.  They must all continue to train and recertify to ensure they can bring the very
best to our students.

Master Collins Sr. - Senior Instructor

Master R. Collins Sr. started martial arts in 1969 and is our most senior Master. With a lifetime of dedication to the martial arts he has added "roots" to our organization. He continues to teach and offer assistance to all our PKSA Karate schools. He also teaches the sword and has received countless awards throughout his tenure as the Chief Instructor of PKSA Karate.



Master Collins Jr. - President/Founder

Master R. Collins Jr. started martial arts with his father in 1969 at the age of 4. Master Collins is the founder and President of PKSA Karate. He has studied martial arts most of his life. After being highly successful in martial arts competitions, he began to create champions who would win all over the world.
He is highly sought for his business knowledge and continues to create ambitious instructors who are hungry to help their communities through the teaching of our martial art.


Master J Lyle - Vice President

Master J. Lyle is one of our most senior masters. He has been described as one of the most dynamic instructors in the country. Attend one of his classes and you will see why his school has more students than most any school in Michigan. He is the Vice President of PKSA Karate and has been training in the martial arts for over 28 years.



Master J Prosch - General Secretary

Started Tang Soo Do training January 1996
Became Kid Power Instructor 1999
Achieved First Degree Cho Dan August 2000
Started operating main training center June 2002
Achieved Second Degree E Dan February 2003
Sam Dan Degree February 2006
Sa Dan Master Degree February 2010
World Tournament Team Member Australia 2009
2006 Business Person of the Year Garden City MI
Chairman of Downtown Development Authority Garden City MI
Multi Unit owner
General Secretary PKSA Karate
Board Member WorldWide Tang Soo Do Federation


Master M Clem

Master M. Clem is recognized as our first female master. Master Clem is one tough master but also has a heart of gold. She continues to help teach in our schools and helps Master Collins Sr. conduct sword seminars. She is also a school teacher in the Lapeer school district.


Other Masters

Master Wood
Master Andrew Sierra
Master Kyle Martin
Master Prasad Tumati
Master Christopher Howard
Master Chelsey Revita
Master James Hixenbaugh
Master Kim Miller
Master Edwin Petty
Master Lisa Rasnick