PKSA Karate is one of the largest martial organizations in the country. We are professionals at changing people’s lives through our martial arts schools. You see, for us, it’s not just about kicking and punching, but actually changing and improving our students’ lives.

Where else or what other type of activity can you be involved in that will give you and/or your child more confidence, discipline, self-esteem, leadership skills, teamwork, and an improved fitness level while having fun and learning to defend yourself in this violent society that we live in today? You get all of that at PKSA Karate.

All of our instructors are trained in ways to bring out the best in you and your child, and our curriculum will make you the very best Black Belt that you could be.

In addition to our regular karate classes, we offer several different programs that you and/or your child could be involved in: 

  • Traditional weapons courses - where you learn to use traditional martial arts weapons…kids and adults love these courses and it adds a special new element to your training.
  • Cardio Kickboxing (in most locations) - This will focus on getting you in better shape and teach you things that you can actually use to defend yourself.
  • Little Ninjas Course designed for children 4-6 years old. This is a great course to teach martial arts, life skills and more all in a very fun and engaging way.
  • Bully defense - this helps to teach children and teens how to handle altercations with people who bully.

Families that train together, stay together!

Have you ever thought about doing something positive and life changing together with your child or as a family? This is it! You will form a special bond with your child as you move towards a common goal of one day achieving a Black Belt.

Additional Fun Activities

At PKSA Karate we want this to be a fun and safe environment for you and your child. We regularly host sleep overs, birthday parties, summer camps, Karate tournaments, nerf wars, and many other fun and engaging activities that will ensure you and/or your child won’t want to be anywhere else.

We have had literally thousands and thousands of testimonials from parents/students about how PKSA has helped them and/or their child. In some cases, it has even saved lives of people who were attacked when they used what they learned to defend themselves. Children have attained better grades in school. Adults who previously had back problems are now able to do more than they ever could before. Teens experiencing problems with peers found new friends to be involved in who were also focused on becoming better. And there are so many other stories of people’s lives that were changed by PKSA Karate.

You can enroll today by filling out our online invitation and we will contact you and set up an appointment to meet with you and help you or your child achiever your goals. We now have a special offer of 2 classes and a uniform for only $25.


The underlying philosophies encompasses developing not only physcial skills, but also VALUES AND ETHICS SUCH AS RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, ETC.. I would recommend anyone to try (it).

-David A. White, Police Officer  

THE BENEFIT OF MENTAL DISCIPLINE applies to both scholastic achievement and physical improvement. The MARTIAL ARTS PROMOTE RESPECT FOR ONESELF, as well one’s parents, teachers, elders and friends.
-Leigh H. Nadler, M.D.

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