Ever dream of owning your very own business? 

Now you have a chance to own a business that can give you your dreams while changing people's lives!

As a part of Professional Karate Schools of America, we represent exceptional opportunities that no one can match-whether you're an individual looking to get into the karate profession, an instructor wishing to affiliate, or an existing company exploring converting to one of the most dynamic karate organizations any where. We are sure you will find our benefits and systems will allow you to out perform any other Karate school in your area.

Our key strategies are always consistently communicated and cleanly executed. It starts with a clear mission to be the best. It advances by determination and commitment to acting in the best interest of our franchisees. It ends with remarkable results. 

Now we are bringing our healthy offerings and energizing environments to major markets throughout the country, creating franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs that share our commitment to excellence.

Immediate Benefits Include

  • Own your own business in the multi million-dollar martial arts industry.
  • Make a positive difference in people's lives with a program that is flexible enough to fit today's busy lifestyles.
  • Offer proven methods of instruction that integrates the latest techniques
  • Superb Executive Support Team
  • National Martial Arts Experts (to train you)
  • Location Assistance Team
  • Unique mobile system for demos and attracting students
  • Advertising & Marketing support-including our Pre-Opening sales assistance
  • Comprehensive training at corporate headquarters
  • All management software and manuals included
  • Unparalleled class programs


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Why would the demand for martial arts instruction continue to climb?

  1. With the decrease in the stability of our economy comes increased crime.  People will need to know that they can defend themselves and their businesses.
  2. Increase in the popularity of martial arts due to the exposure in the media market.
  3. The life skills learned works to improve lives.  This will enable people from all walks of life to improve themselves from your business.

Millions of People Are Doing Martial Arts

Presently, it is estimated that millions of people are enrolled in martial arts and thousands are joining classes every day! This creates a target class/instruction base of enormous potential.  A worthy market indeed !

Why Should I Be Involved with a Franchise?

According to a study by Arthur Anderson and company, nearly 86% of all franchise operations opened in the previous five years were still under the same ownership.  Only 3% of these businesses were no longer in business.

After 5 years, the comparison is even more telling: 92% of franchised businesses are still operating, compared to 23% of independent businesses.  After 10 years, 90% of franchised businesses are still operating, compared to ONLY 18% OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES !

No Experience Needed

We have the systems and operations in place to help anyone become successful regardless of your training, experience or educational background.

There's Strength in Numbers.

PKSA Karate gives you synergy from several school owners all driving toward a similar goal.  You will be embraced into a team that's primary focus is to its students and franchisees.

Modern Systems

A successful business is distinguished by its ability to focus on 3 things- its strength, a clear vision for the future and the achievement of its goals.  This is what makes us a leader,with franchisees, students, employees, and communities.  And while PKSA Karate has always remained focused on these goals, we brought those goals to life with a vision that reflects the path we take to grow your business and further develop our student-focused organization.

Fast Start

We will work with you on site selection, training, marketing and more to get you well on your way to creating your dreams.  The utilization of our fast start program also includes our satellite strategies that will put you one step ahead of other karate businesses.

Seizing the Career Opportunity of Your Life

Owning a PKSA Karate franchise just may be the opportunity you've been waiting for.  And, as a member of the PKSA Karate franchise community, you will play an active role in developing the company in the years ahead. 

So now that you know something about us, why not investigate the possibilities further?  We urge you to think about this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Let's talk it over.  We're confident you'll like what you hear!