When you have one of the fastest growing organizations anywhere, there is always a lot of exciting news to share with everyone about the things that are happening with PKSA.  The news items listed below are for our entire organization.  To find out about news happening at your PKSA school location, check out your school's News & Events web page .

World Tournament Team

Congratulations World Team Members!

Kenneth Lewis
Marie Misener 
Madrid Nihart
Mariah Kovalchik
Mariah Gross
Michael Galli II
Danielle Tuite
Melody Russell
Tameko Watts
Susan Hanson
Sharie Rodriguez    Alex Weir
Joshua Nelson
Suibhne O’Foighil
Alex Mazzonne     Zeina Jaafar
Andrew Hornyak
Jennifer Zieger
Ben Glatfelter 
Josh Liposec
David Hamada

Your World Team Coaches:
Master Richard Collins
Master John Prosch
Master Kyle Martin
Master Tom Davidson
Master Tonya Germain
Master Vito Angileri

Assistant Coaches:
Master Lisa Rasnick
Kyo Sa Marc Gerstenberger Kyo Sa Jibril Naeem

National Demo Team Coaches:
Master Kyle Martin
Master Brenden Fraczek
Master Nate Seegert
Master Tyler Rasnik

Future School Owners

If you would like to get more information on our franchise, please visit our Franchise page.  

Stay tuned for our next conference call...coming soon! Or you can call our headquarters at
(734) 931-0199 or click here to fill out our contact form, and we will get back with you.

We will be meeting soon and starting our all new training program to prepare you for your journey of becoming a school owner !

We are no doubt the fastest growing martial arts franchise in the country. Join our meeting and find out why, and how you can own something that can truly change people’s lives.