PKSA Karate Novi

Earn a black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do from a leading Martial Arts organization. Sign up for our introductory special - Two classes & Uniform for only $30.

Our Programs are for EVERYONE!

No matter what age or fitness level you are, we have a program for you.

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Saturday, August 1st ~ Black Belt Boot Camp (Red 4’s)

12:00 - 3:00pm

August Belt Testing

Tuesday, August 4th- ONLINE ZOOM TESTING

5:00pm Little Ninjas
5:30pm Yellow & Yellow St
6:00pm Orange, Orange St & Green
6:30pm Green 1, Green 2 & Red
7:00pm Red Gold & Red 1
7:30pm Red 1 Gold & Red 2
8:00pm Red 2 Gold, Red 3 & Red 3 Gold

Wednesday, August 5th- OUTDOOR TESTING

5:00pm Little Ninjas
5:30pm White/Yellow/Yellow St
6:15pm Orange/Orange St/Green
7:00pm Green 1/Green 2/Red/Red Gold
7:45pm Red 1 & Up

Thursday, August 6th- NO CLASSES

August Belt Promotion


5:00pm Little Ninjas

5:30pm White/Yellow/Orange/Or St
6:45pm Greens & Reds

Tuesday, August 25th-OUTDOOR BREAK-A-THON
5:00 PM Little Ninjas
5:30 PM White/All Yellows/Plain Orange
6:15 PM Orange St/Green/Green 1
7:00 PM Green 2/ All Reds
7:45 PM Black Belts

Wednesday, August 26th- DRIVE BY BELT PROMOTION
6:00-7:00pm (appointments will be made in advance)

Thursday, August 27th- New Schedule goes into effect (please see email)

Meet Our Owners / Instructors

PKSA Novi Instructor Team

Master Petty
4th Degree Black Belt

Master Sean Petty
4th Degree Black Belt

Kyo Sa Kelly Shaver
3rd Degree Black Belt

Brittany Shaver
2nd Degree Black Belt