PKSA Karate Oxford

Earn a black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do from a leading Martial Arts organization. Sign up for our introductory special - Two classes & Uniform for only $30.

If you are looking for a school that is committed to teaching traditional martial arts while improving concentration, self-discipline, respect, leadership skills, focus, self-confidence, and physical fitness, then look no further than
PKSA Karate Oxford.

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Our Programs are for EVERYONE!

No matter what age or fitness level you are, we have a program for you.

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At PKSA Oxford, we teach everyday life skills through Martial Arts. Martial Arts at PKSA Oxford we help to  level the playing field and strengthen those who need it most. Be a part of PKSA Oxford Family, contact us today for  one on one intro.

PKSA Karate Oxford is located next to Meijer in Oxford Crossing Plaza at 972 N Lapeer Rd, Oxford, MI 48371.



PKSA KARATE OXFORD is proud to be offering Community karate Classes to OVA students who are enrolled in Oxford Community Schools!

OVA karate classes are held at PKSA KARATE OXFORD located at 972 N Lapeer rd. Oxford, MI 48371. If you are already an OVA student, contact PKSA Oxford 248-236-0340.  Registration forms MUST be completed at PKSA Oxford.  If you are not an OVA student but would like to be, go to the OVA website  and follow the enrollment instructions, then enroll with PKSA KARATE OXFORD and begin your journey to BLACK BELT!   NOTE: All students must enroll with PKSA KARATE ONLY.  ALSO NOTE: ADDITIONAL COST DURING CLASS INCLUDE UNIFORM COST $35.00 AND TESTING FEES AT BELT TESTING $40.00.

CLASS HRS MONDAY- THURSDAY 5:00 PM TO 9:00PM  BEGINNER and ADVANCE BELT RANKS. "Refer to current schedule for class times per rank" BEGINNER and ADVANCE BELT RANKS.


Independent Study has never been more exciting!          

The Possibilities are Virtually Endless!    

Our VISION is to create a world-class education today to shape tomorrow’s selfless, global leaders.

Our MISSION is to provide a world-class education that challenges all students to achieve their maximum potential and prepares them to succeed in a global society.

Our PHILOSOPHY:  Oxford Virtual Academy takes the distance out of distance learning by working in partnership with families to provide rigorous academic preparation that is teacher mentored, parent directed and customized to meet the needs of students from all academic backgrounds. OVA continues to provide improved student learning and maintain positive family relationships based on trust and a shared belief that the student always comes first.


We believe everyone can learn.

We believe everyone wants to learn.

We believe effective learning is our highest priority.

We believe a safe and caring environment enhances learning.

We believe every person has value.

We believe every person is unique.

We believe learning is a lifelong process.

We believe education is the shared responsibility of student, school, family, and community.

We believe in the total development of every individual to his or her fullest potential.

We believe in a quality education, equitably provided.

We believe all schools can improve.

A school without walls, the Oxford Virtual Academy is all about options and flexibility. Students learn in their own way, at any time, in any place, and at their own pace. The virtual school offers online courses 24/7, for a customized education built on individual strengths. Imagine a school where:

•     Local, state, national and international students are welcome;
•     Courses are available to students in grades Kindergarten through 12;
•     There are opportunities for credit recovery, enrichment, or advancement;
•     Classrooms are interactive;
•     Seated community resource classes (CRC) are available;
•     Unique partnerships offer attractive options for the homeschool community;
•     There is regular communication with teachers, mentors, and counselors;
•     Coming soon, students can access a help hotline for 24/7/365 support; and
•     Courses are tuition-free!

One certainty in this hyper-connected global world is that virtual literacy is a requisite skill no matter where you choose to live and work. Today’s students will need to know their way around the virtual world to be able to compete for the best jobs or contracts. In a stark departure from the traditional classroom setting, the Oxford Virtual Academy offers its students true interactive environments of project-based learning and collaborative problem solving.

The Oxford Virtual Academy offers a wide variety of courses that appeal to students of all ages and with very diverse interests. What sets it apart from other virtual schools is that every student is matched with the course provider that best provides specialized instruction based on his or her individual needs. Classes are interactive as opposed to “clicker” environments.

The Academy’s logo depicts an abstract schoolbook morphed into a computer, which then becomes pixels breaking out of their boundaries and elevating into infinity. It captures the principles that are at the heart of the Oxford Virtual Academy and the vision of Oxford Community Schools.

Oxford Community Schools has more than 5,000 students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. There are nine schools that comprise the district, including five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, one early learning center and one alternative high school. Oxford is also home to the Oxford International Residence Academy and the Oxford Academy of Engineering & Technology. In this latest venture, the Oxford Virtual Academy begins to transcend traditional learning to a new normal.

Every student can benefit from online learning. Contact us today to discover what’s right for you.

All Oxford Schools are NCA accredited
Oxford Virtual Academy
Administrative Offices:  176 S. Washington St, Oxford, MI 48371
Phone:  248.969.5009 / 248.969.5194
Fax:  248.886.9116

Meet Our Owners / Instructors

PKSA Oxford Instructor Team

Kyo Sa Rodney Price
3rd Degree Black Belt