For students and parents who want more with their training.  The upgrade programs will give the student specialized training in Weapons, Elite Training Course, Defense & Tactics, Grappling, Leadership Course and Certified Instructor Training Program.   Upgrade programs are offered at participation locations only. Please contact the school nearest you to inquire which programs are currently being offered at that location

We are one of the few schools who offer training in most traditional weapons. Weapons is an integral part of our organization and add excitement to your martial arts training!!

Weapons Upgrade

Students will gain knowledge in all traditional and nontraditional weapons including: Staff, Arnis, Sai, Nunchacku, Sword, Asian Fan, Broad Sword, Kama, and flash forms for competition

We ensure that our students are fully prepared to defend themselves in all ranges of combat including ground work.  We have implemented a highly effective program within our curriculum and offer Mixed Martial Arts at several of our locations.

This course is designed to teach the student how to motivate others and to learn high levels of leadership, two skills that all the fortune 500 companies say they look for in a new employee. This course will change their life and will not only mold them into a strong motivational leader and public speakers but will give them the skills to teach martial arts and possibly earn them a position in our organization. 

The children can roll into the C.I.T. program once they are 14 years old and become certified instructors in our style and could teach for profit while in college, or have the opportunity to open their own school. 

The course is held 1 time per week and will allow them to be role models during beginner classes and will be given leadership positions in our school.

Certified Instructor Training Program (C.I.T.)

Our Most Prestigious Program

This upgrade is the ultimate upgrade program. Our CIT program has already offered several people the opportunity to become part time and full time martial arts instructors.  

The course will meet weekly and will teach you how to motivate and train students in traditional Tang Soo Do.  It will also give you the highest level of  understanding and instruction in our martial art.  You may desire to be placed in teaching positions while you are learning that can totally pay for all of your tuition.  The CIT program also offers guaranteed job placement if you would like to have a career helping people to achieve their dreams. 

  • Age requirement is 14
  • Create a career or part time wealth builder for you and your family
  • PKSA Karate School ownership possibilities
  • Upon graduation you will be a certified PKSA Karate Instructor
  • Upon Graduation Guaranteed job placement 
  • Special classes on the technical aspects of curriculum and technique